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Black Desert Online Guardian, Content Previewed

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Additional Black Desert information regarding the Guardian class and new content has been revealed.

In a translation over on Reddit, the Guardian’s succession quality is a primary focus for the devs. They cite the multiple revisits they had to take for the Giant’s succession skills for this decision. The Guardian specifically is set to launch January 15 in Korea, and will feature skills to leap into the air and strike foes, and uses a polearm type weapon.

Several new content was previewed including the Thorn Tree Castle, and Black Star Armor. The castle will have multiple entrances in which you can encounter several players. The armor won’t be a traditional upgrade, rather, more of a side grade such as going from Leeburs to Bhegs.

Additionally, the devs stated that they want to find a new way to decrease barrier of entry in order to help new players to the game to catch up, while still respecting the time of the veteran players. To that end, they’ve created a seasonal system. Interestingly, according to the Reddit post, Korean players don’t like this system since they feel it undermines the progress they’ve made in the game.


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