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Black Desert Online Gets Artifact Presets, World Boss Improvements, and More Skippable Cutscenes

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Pearl Abyss continues changes in Black Desert Online updates that seek to improve the player experience. The latest update adds the Artifact Preset function, adds some quality of life tweaks to quests,  improves World bosses, and makes some class balance changes.

The Artifact Preset Function applies to your inventory, and the preset function will now let you select the edit preset button, equip and manage your Artifacts. Since the Artifact inventory is also shared within  a Family, this will let you also edit Artifacts across multiple characters.

Quests also get some helpful modifications, including increased Contribution EXP for dozens of quests. You can now skip cutscenes from the second time you go through the Mountain of Eternal Winter main questline. Some cutscenes that were previously unskippable will now also let you skip them if you go through with another character, although there are some prerequisites to get this to work. The list of suggested quests got a UI tweak that makes them better aligned and clearer from a visual perspective. They've also made adjustments to fishing to adjust the difficulty levels and objectives  for certain grades of fish.

A number of world bosses have been changed in this update, with some of the stronger ones getting their difficulty adjusted to allow for more players to get a chance to complete them. Some of the difficult to avoid and sometimes one-hit-kill attacks have had their damage reduced and certain other attacks that were easier to avoid have increased damage now.

They're also trying to balance out the visibility and range of certain boss attacks so that players can better strategize and avoid them. For example, Nightmarish Kzarka had attacks without any hit marker, so those specific attacks were hard to avoid, but they now have display markers.

The Witch and Wizard, as well as the Guardian got fixes, while the Drakania had damage adjustments to bring her damage dealt and taken to the intended levels. 

For the full notes, head to Black Desert Online.


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