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Black Desert Online Fixes Classes, Starts Events, While Pearl Abyss Claims 230% Increase in New Daily Players

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The latest update for Black Desert Online focuses on some tweaks to the rebooted classes from the last major update, starting three new events, and a series of fixes. This comes at a time when Pearl Abyss is stating that the game has seen a notable increase in new daily players.

After the recent reboot to 17 of the game's classes, this update naturally included some fixes for things that weren't working properly. Issues like effects from skills that were missing, animations displaying improperly for different classes, and more practical things like incorrect damage numbers were also fixed. Certain classes, like Tamer, needed a bit more work, but most got at least some fixes.

Today's update starts a few events, including two for guilds. The Snow Crystal Butterflies event, is a login event to collect butterflies daily and eventually exchange them for items. There are also two guild related events including a guild missions event where are there are special missions that you have to take on together for rewards.  For those in medium sized and larger guilds, there’s a separate guild login event for rewards too.

This update also changed the UI to show post-reboot custom character appearance, optimized the system that marks items in inventory and your storage, and fixed an issue with equipment slots in the UI.

Pearl Abyss is also marking what the company says, via press release, is an increase of over 230% in new daily PC players in North America and Europe. Globally, they say that overall, there is an increase of 165% in new daily players. The game is, of course, now running with mostly rebooted classes, new updates, and seasons, so the uptick in daily players is coming at a good time. 

For more on the latest update, head over to Black Desert Online for the full update notes, including all class changes.


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