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Black Desert Online Daylight Saving Schedule Change Announced, While Black Desert Mobile Gets the Sage

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Things may get a little confusing for a bit in Black Desert Online, as the upcoming maintenance will affect the timing of world boss spawns and other events as Daylight Saving time starts in the fall. 

In Europe, the time change happens earlier, so these changes will affect EU servers first, beginning with the October 27th maintenance and running through October 31st. In the North American region, this will take place from November 7th through the November 10th maintenance. Since the server maintenance is the only time when they can change the entire time of all events, for that time period, World Bosses, the Conquest War, and Tax Wagons will be happening at different times. 

In the EU, all of these will happen one hour later than usual. When the North American change hits, everything on the list will begin one hour earlier than usual. So Node War will begin at 8pm UTC+1 for Europe instead of 7pm for a few days and in North America, it will be 8pm Eastern instead of the usual 9pm Eastern.

All of these changes will only last for a few days, but if you have any standing play times to gather for Conquest War or take on the massive world bosses with friends, you'll have to adjust temporarily.

Pearl Abyss has also announced that Black Desert Mobile will get the Sage class on November 9th, as part of next month's updates. The Sage joins the mobile version as a melee and ranged mage option, being the only other caster that isn’t a Witch or Wizard. 

For more on the temporary scheduling change, see the announcement here. For more on Black Desert Online’s Sage class, or to find out more about the rest of the fall 2021 update roadmap, keep on top with our coverage.


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