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Black Desert Online Celebrates Lunar New Year, Enables Privacy Mode & More

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Black Desert Online has been updated to bring a number of new content to the game starting with the arrival of a Lunar New Year, most notably seen in the decorations in an around cities and towns. In addition, the BDO team has added the ability to players to go to "privacy mode" should they not wish to be disturbed. The team has also enabled the "Injury System" and the "Devour System".

Using the Injury System, players can prevent enemies from recovering HP as quickly as normal by using Black Spirit's Rage. The more Black Spirit Rage a player has, the more severe the injury. The initial result of using Injury is that enemies have their maximum HP reduced, but can recover 10 HP every 5 seconds.

In addition, players will find the Devour System "to convert enhanced weapon or defense gear into Enhancement chance".

Lastly, for those who enjoy the Shadow Arena battle royale mode, both the Musa and Kunoichi have been added as playable characters.

Check out the full update notes on the Black Desert Online site.


Suzie Ford

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