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Black Desert Online Announces Guild League and Node War Updates After Recent Feedback

Guild League is headed towards its launch

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Black Desert Onlines latest update is here, with more quality of life changes, and updates to Node Wars and Guild League PvP based on player feedback.

Node Wars have gotten a ton of feedback, and some were even talking about potentially stepping away from Black Desert. The team has gotten a ton of feedback on their efforts to simplify the rules and to make combat the sole focus in an attempt to get away from “guild politics” and snipe/stick guilds. As a result of the feedback, they upset many players, earning comments from those who wanted the flavors and depth of the previous system back. Now, they’re looking to try to reach a balance between continued lower barriers and offering variety in the challenge.

Updates are on the way, and they are still looking for feedback as they continue to aim to reach a good point so that more players can enjoy Node Wars, even those new to it, and it will still offer fulfilling challenge to the vets.

Guild League PvP has also been in a trial run, and the feedback there has seemed to be more positive overall. It’s getting a special pre-season Hot Time period before its formal launch. Hot Time will run through July 3rd, and Guild League will launch about a month later. In between, Arena of Solare will return to offer 3v3 PvP matches, and both of these are set to rotate going forward.

Continuing the quality of life improvements, Black Desert online has also changed it so you can use Cron Stones  to enhance life skill Mastery clothes and accessories. This change comes about due to other quality of life tweaks that made life skills more accessible and more Cron Stones easily obtainable.


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