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Black Desert Online Adds Third Atoraxxion Dungeon, Yolunakea, and Solo 'Story Mode' for Previous Two

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Black Desert Online has a new update that brings the third co-op dungeon, Atoraxxion: Yolunakea, story mode for previous parts of Atoraxxion, balance changes, events, and additional improvements.

Atoraxxion: Yolunakea is the centerpiece of the update, The team describes it as having a theme more like a “sunlit forest”, intended to distinguish it from previous entries, where Vahmalkea was desert and Sycrakea was deep sea. This time you’ll discover the story of Yolu, Dehkia’s third disciple, following Vaha and Syca.

To design this third co-op dungeon, the team at Pearl Abyss wanted to make sure that it would take less time to get through and reach the boss, in comparison to the previous two. Yet, the peaceful sounding sunlit forest aesthetic and shorter time shouldn’t fool anyone into thinking this will be a relaxing and cozy journey. This dungeon features three phases  and all five team members need to work together and coordinate tactics and figure out how to best adjust to the boss mechanics. There are both normal and Elvia difficulties to start, and a season server version is set to open later.

Now that this third co-op dungeon is here, Pearl Abyss is introducing ‘story mode’ for the previous two Atoraxxion main quests and dungeons. If you haven’t played through this storyline or never got a party together to complete it before, now those two are open for solo players. Expect adjustments to elements like the monsters, and to some of the tasks that normally require party members to do. 

If you play through both of those main quests and dungeons on your own, you will not get the quest completion rewards that those who completed in co-op mode would normally get. Still, it's a good way to experience the story and catch up with what's going on if you just couldn't play through it in five player co-op. 

The patch also includes a crash fix, changes to clarify some translated names, and a number of balance changes to classes. 

Read the full notes, including how to take on both the new co-op dungeon and the new story mode for the others, over at Black Desert Online.


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