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Black Desert Online Adds Private Monster Zones, Rebalances Rewards to Broaden PvE Options

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 Black Desert Online is introducing private monster zones and improving monster zone rewards in its latest update in an effort to improve PvE content.

Most of the update is all about monster zones. Making them more fun, more rewarding, and in the case of private monster zones, easier to get in and get out if you’re short on time but still want to be able to enjoy this content. Having this new feature offers another option to let you enjoy Black Desert Online your way, and follows several other recent changes designed to make the game simpler and clearer to enjoy for a wider audience.

First revealed during CalpheON Episode 2, Marni’s Realm (private monster zones) “came to fruition after we thought about how to improve the gameplay experience for our Adventurers who had limited time to play each day." 

"We first brought this concept to life in the form of a "mini" server, but we felt that version was difficult to balance and didn't offer an equal opportunity access for all Adventurers. Hence we've come to develop and reveal Marni's Realm - Private Monster Zones.”

You’ll be able to take advantage of private monster zones for a maximum of one hour per day. Once you enter Marni’s Realm,  all other players will be gone. The new feature applies to the most popular monster zones right now. Once you enter, you’ll be limited to a section of the normal zone, but where the good spawns are. Loot rates will be the same as the normal zone. 

Each monster zone is getting readjusted loot tables, additional drop rate buffs, and unique traits for each monster zone in most regions. These traits will affect things like higher combat and skill XP, higher drop rates for certain items, and more. This is part of an overall effort to increase PvE options for players who enjoy them.

For more on the update, and how to use private monster zones, head to Black Desert Online.


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