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Black Desert Online Adds New Alpha Pet System, Tweaks Gear-Equalized PvP, and Makes Using Blacksmith Easier

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Today's update for Black Desert Online features 79 updates and changes. Among them is the introduction of tier 5 pets, and Alpha pets, efficiency improvements to the blacksmith, new musical instruments, some balance changes, and tweaks to Arena of Solare.

The pet system lets you now train your pets up to tier 5, up from tier 4. This also means that you can set one of your tier-5 pets as the Alpha Pet. Alpha Pets will keep your other pets in line and all work together to help you. Your Alpha Pet’s Talent increases by one additional level and the Pack Leader skill increases looting speed for all of your active pets nearby. You can get started on pet improvements by grabbing the “[Pet] Domesticated Squabbles” quest. The Pearl Abyss team also has some guides on making the most of the new feature and what you should know before starting.

Improvements to the blacksmith now let you repair all items with a single button press. These items can be equipped, in inventory, your horse gear, and more so you can take them for repair more easily. There's also an improvement to extracting outfits, which get a similar bulk function.

There are new musical instruments and music types, for those musically inclined to compose and play new songs for those moments when you’re not out there hunting monsters. This also includes the Marni Shop for instruments, You can get blueprints for new musical instruments, as well as get daily quests to get crafting materials to build them.

Arena of Solare got some love and clarity additions. Now you can see Family names on the battlefield, results UI in the arena now shows your last 20 matches, and light effects have been improved. Guild skill passives and buffs are also now excluded from use in the arena.

The rest of the update includes bug fixes, some balance tweaks to BErserker and Shai, and drop rate increases for certain monster encounters.

Head over to Black Desert Online to read the full notes.


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