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Black Desert Online Adds First 3v3 Gear-Equalized PvP Mode, Arena of Solare

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Black Desert Online’s latest update adds its first 3v3 PvP arena, Arena of Solare, along with a corresponding event and preseason, and a special new tool bag for gathering.

Arena of Solare, the new 3v3 PvP arena, is definitely the star of this update. When you match with a team and  take on this challenge, which unlocks at level 60, you’ll enter a match with equalized gear stats. You’ll have a menu to choose from the whole time and the gear there will remain Solare-specific. During the best of 5 rounds mode, you’ll get the opportunity to unlock and use Arena-specific gear as you progress and to earn or lose points depending on the results. You can also earn new Solare emblems as a reward. 

There is also no use allowed of potions, meals, elixirs, and even certain skills. Strategy is your friend. When you enter, if you have any of these active with time left, that time will pause until the match is over.

You randomly enter one of three battlefields, each with its own characteristics and strategic opportunities. Olun’s Valley is the most basic of the battlefields. There are no other variables to consider, so it’s all strategy and skill here. 

Ruins of Tzol holds the Unknown Sphere and some elements of powerful forces. The sphere will spawn in the middle of the battlefield and unleash AoE attacks in either a fixed area or while it moves. The effects of the attacks vary based on the sphere’s current color. Knowing the attack patterns lets you know what to expect and if you use the sphere well you might be able to bait your enemies into a trap. The traces of elements that also spawn around this battlefield can give you special effects like recovering HP or bonuses.

Preseason for the new Arena runs until June 15th during limited hours. There are also event quests for the Arena of Solare with this update where you can claim loot for participating and winning in the arena through July 6th.

Also added in this update is Liana’s Tool Bag, a new bag you can earn that will automatically equip all tools you hold in it so you can gather faster and with ease

Read the full patch notes over at Black Desert Online.


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