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Black Desert Online Adds Convenient Item Search Feature, Revamps the Hashashin, and Adds New Quests

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Pearl Abyss has announced that next week begins the Season of Dragons in Black Desert Online. This week’s update has some free items, adds a Find My Item function, revamps the Hashashin in PvP, improves animations, adds some quality of life fixes, and more.

The Find My Item function is the result of community feedback and let you search across your Family's storage, inventories, equipped gear, and warehouse all at once. This will let you search everything you own in order to find what you need. It's another feature that Pearl Abyss is adding to try and improve the game and streamline the experience for all players. 

There are new side quests added with his update in various regions. There's also a new quest that will let you learn to train Tier 5 pets.

The Hashashin gets overhauled too, with a focus on his PvP kit to strengthen Succession for him. His PvP style is already that of an assassin, and uses sand tornadoes. Now, there is a Succession-only version of Hourglass of Defiance, and using his Arid Assault ability will save your character’s location and let you return to that location with a key press. Other abilities also get boosted, and he also has some slight changes to defensive effects. Some changes apply just to PVE and others will work differently.

Pearl Abyss also notes that the Hashashin also generally had the lowest average damage ratio, Although he was heavily helped by gear so they wanted to tread carefully and giving him a boost. They decided to amplify his sand tornado mechanics and give him better defense and PVP damage in exchange for taking slightly more damage when attacked by other classes.

 For all of the details and changes, including special event quests that will lead to new free items, the Blood-eyed Visor and Earrings, head to Black Desert Online.


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