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Black Desert Online Adds Abyss One: The Magnus, an Alternate Realm With New Content and Challenges

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Abyss One: The Magnus has opened a gateway to a new realm in Black Desert Online. The new update opens up this new place, with challenges, story content, and more unattached to time and space.

The Magnus is here, and there are rifts in the world revealing its mysterious presence. Inside Abyss One, there are some oddities to investigate, including through some new storylines and challenges. There will be some new rewards unique to The Magnus, as well as some changes and expansions all can benefit from. 

Start with the Abyss One: The Magnus storyline. When you are in this realm, you can enter what are called abyssal pockets, which each have their own space-time. They branch off from the Magnus and have their own trials. In order to proceed through the main questline, you’ll have to complete the trial in each abyssal pocket.

You won’t be able to use regular Black Desert weapons here either, only special Abyss One gear.

Every time you get points in the main questline of the area, you'll be able to unlock fast travel between different parts of the world of Black Desert, which will work through the Magnus.  Another change will let players unlock storage in each region and have access to it from all over.

As with any new zone or addition, there are a number of places to explore and get to know the terrain and just how to make the most of your time there. There’s a Magnus Enlightenment questline that will let you ultimately learn a new skill, and each class gets a specific skill. In addition to skills and loot, there are a number of titles to unlock too.

This update also opens up the return of Mad Scientist Marni’s Spooky Playground. The Halloween event brings Marni's Airship back  through November 9th. There are event cosplay boxes for Halloween, item exchange coupons, and a number of festive treats to get your hands on. 

For more on the update, see the notes over at Black Desert Online.


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