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Black Desert Officially Unites Twins Maegu and Woosa on PC and Mobile, With Content Plans Ahead

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Black Desert has united its Twin Class sisters, Maegu and Woosa, on PC and mobile. Both sisters are now playable across those platforms, following their separate debuts. Their arrival is the first step towards Black Desert’s upcoming major update, which will feature a new region, Land of the Morning Light.

Woosa now makes it to Black Desert Mobile and sister Maegu is now available on PC. With both of them having different ways of fighting, more now have the chance to play as the other sister. Black Desert Console didn’t get an announcement, but it wouldn’t be surprising for Pearl Abyss to have an update on that soon. For now, the new Twin Class sisters are the first representation of what’s to come in the new update, as they are both from this new land.

Pearl Abyss plans Land of the Morning Light to be the big content expansion for the first half of 2023. We can consider the sisters' arrival on both platforms as a bit of a peek at what's to come. expect a new region, one that Pearl Abyss says will be centered around massive boss fights. There will also be new areas to explore, surely some new quest content, and much more that they haven't yet revealed. For now though, the two sisters are here to play and discover how to best use their very different kits.

Woosa uses elemental attacks, like rain and lightning to accompany her graceful Do Arts trained techniques. Maegu is more of a mage fighter who can summon fox spirits and tap into the power they lend her. Both of the sisters’  arrivals on different platforms are accompanied by events, as well as special giveaways. 

For more on Woosa, her skills, and events and goodies, head to Black Desert Mobile. For more on Maegu, skills, and goodies, head to Black Desert Online.


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