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Black Desert Mobile's New Region, Kamasylvia is Out Today

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There’s a new region coming to Black Desert Mobile. today. Kamasylvia brings new zones, new quests, new  lore, a new zone boss, and rewards. The new region arrives with a patch that also addresses UI issues, fixes bugs, and adds a change that will increase auto-hunt efficiency while the team fixes its effectiveness permanently. 

The new region of Kamasylvia brings a mysterious forest, where the lore tells of sisters born to a goddess named Sylvia, old conflict, mysterious elves and fairies, and more. Sylvia herself is said to have blessed the region with its natural resources, and the whole zone has stayed a carefully guarded secret until now. Things are dire enough for the queen of Kamasylvia, Brolina, to open to the outside.

There are several events to mark the arrival and help you get off to a good start. the Spring Relay Mission, Spring Holy Vial Size Up Event, Spring Bounty Mission Event all start today and run through March 7th. 

So this is where your adventure options open up, as Northeast Kamasylvia is your gateway. You’ll be able to learn more about the region, get new quests and rewards, and get to know the new area. 

There are a few things to know, as some of the reward systems and item locations have changed with the new region’s arrival. Frontline zones and secondary zones change when a new region opens, so things like where to find Root of Sorcery also change. If you enter an area with a character that is below recommended CP levels, you deal gradually less damage to the monsters in the area based on the difference. Additionally, Black Spirit and Ancient Beacon repeatable quests won’t appear in the new region.

What you can find are some new goals, including a brand new boss to defeat. Narc Brishka will appear in the zone and offer you a challenge after getting the Boss: Narc Brishka mission. The boss himself is a giant Manshaum who found himself tempted to take the power of the Great Narc Spirit from a mysterious tablet. What remains is now your battle to be won. And a possible DP increase if you win and get Narc Brishka Boss Knowledge.

For more, see the complete notes over at Black Desert Mobile.


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