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Black Desert Mobile's Fairies and Magical Creatures Update is Live With a New Fairy Companion

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Black Desert Mobile is getting a little bit of extra magic today. The new Fairies and Magical Creatures update is live, and it brings a fairy companion, the ability to build a fairy house to raise it, as well as new events, and quests.

Once you’ve unlocked the Fairy side story quest, you’ll be able to complete it to get rewarded with a baby Fairy and a new title. Once you have the baby fairy, you’ll be able to raise it. You’ll get to install a fairy house at your camp, and the fairy will accompany you on your journey. You will be able to use the fairy house to get certain related menu options that will let you raise your fairy to adulthood, As well as boost your fairy's traits. When you do that, you will get certain benefits. You also get a chance to play with your fairy, and the fairy can sing or dance.  Fulfill the fairy's wishes and you get to bond with her and get trait points that you can use.

The introduction of your fairy is at the heart of this update and there are many different options you can use in order to raise or make your fairy possum or bond with your fairy and raise it to an adult.

The special event Fairyful Journey, Fairy’s Adventure, Fairy’s Offer, and a Fairy premium login event are all live with this update. In addition to a few fairy-related events, it also kicks off Battlefield of the Sun: Sandcastle Shore-down, where you’re on Team Papu or Team Otter in what may be the cutest deadly 15v15 team deathmatch. This event winds down summer and is live from today through next Monday, September 19th. 

For more, see the full patch notes over at Black Desert Mobile.


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