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Black Desert Mobile Welcomes New Mystic Class While Pearl Abyss Celebrates 11 Years

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There is no doubt that Black Desert Mobile is one of the hottest and most popular mobile MMORPGs on the market today. In line with increasing its popularity, another highly sought after class from Black Desert Online is finally heading to the mobile game, the Mystic.

With well over 10 million downloads, and a constant stream of content, Black Desert Mobile certainly works hard at keeping their players interested. The latest addition to the roster, the Mystic, will certainly delight gamers looking for a combo-centric class, with the ability to control the battlefield. Mystics are masters of close-range martial arts, with the ability to put out consistent damage, while shrugging off enemy attacks. Precreation for the Mystic is currently ongoing, and will end on September 14th, when players can finally take control of their character.

To celebrate the release of the Mystic, Black Desert Mobile has posted a series of videos that includes a teaser trailer of the class, a combat demonstration, and a 4-minute preview detailing each of the abilities the Mystic has access to. You can also read about her abilities over on the official website, in one of BDM’s latest articles.

The Mystic isn’t the only thing worth celebrating for Black Desert. September 10th marks the 11th anniversary of Pearl Abyss. To celebrate, you can login to the game to receive a 11 Year Commemorative Gift which, when used, will grant players 1100 Black Pearls.

In order to obtain the gift, players will be required to have beaten the boss Hexe Marie in Southwest Calpheon. Rewards will need to be claimed prior to October 9th, 2021 by 11:59pm server time. More information related to the rewards on their respective platforms (PC, Mobile, Console) can be found on the official announcement. Congratulations to Pearl Abyss for an exciting 11 years!


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