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Black Desert Mobile: Siege War and Asula’s Den Now Live

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Siege War has come to Black Desert Mobile in addition to Asula’s Den.

Siege War is basically a large scale battle mode for guilds where you and your guild can battle against other guilds to take control of two regions, Balenos and Serendia. As Balenos and Serendia do not have seats of power, these regions will function like a secondary Node War where the Command Post can be placed anywhere in the region. Keep in mind, guilds must be at least level 5 and have more than 10 members in order to participate through a bidding process.

Asula’s Den is also being added, and is described by the press release as a side-scrolling platform action feature. You’ll be able to take part in combat in an action-packed side-scroll view using manual only control mode. The minimum requirement for participation in Asula’s Den is having a Black Spirit level of at least level 30. Rewards include a golden box full of precious items as long as you can defeat a boss.

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