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Black Desert Mobile Receives Sorceress

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Sorceress class has been added to Black Desert Mobile.

The Sorceress is a unique mix of magic and melee. According to the press release, her main resource are Shards of Darkness. Shards are generated in combat through the Sorceress’s standard attacks and can be spent  on powerful buffs increasing her range and damage or on a massive attack known as ‘Flashbang.’ Flashbang simultaneously boosts damage dealt and inflicts high damage to enemies in an area in front of the Sorceress.

She also has techniques like Phantom Crash to quickly dash forward and strike targets and Wrath of Chaos, a teleporting attack paired with an explosion of dark energy. A  Shadow Kick, a powerful kick imbued with dark energy, can be combined with other skills as a combo to boost its effectiveness. Dark Pulse is a ranged attack that throws dark energy at enemies while the Sorceress dashes side to side.


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