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Black Desert Mobile Receives Merchantry System, Ramoness Season 2

Tournament registration open now

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new trading system and Season 2 of Ramoness were introduced to Black Desert Mobile today. Here’s the scoop.

The new trading system is called Merchantry and here’s how it breaks down. It’s intended to reward you with silver. You can trade regional specialties that are only available in each village through the Merchantry sytem, and can earn a large amount of silver in the process.

In order to complete a trade, you’ll need a carriage, a horse, and four workers from camp. According to the accompanying press release, rewards of Merchantry will be larger the higher the level of your workers, and workers will receive experience points through the trade as well. 

Regarding Season 2 of Ramoness, you’ll be able to show off your PvP skills in this limited-time event. For Adventurers skilled in the Ramoness Arena, this 3 on 3 PvP mode tournament can help hone skills and earn experience. Additionally, registration for the tournament should be open today. Be sure to check it out if you’re interested.


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