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Black Desert Mobile Receives Dark Knight class, the Tower of Trial, and Portuguese Support

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Dark Knight class is now playable in Black Desert Mobile, while a new Tower of Trial and Portuguese support have been added.

The Dark Knight features the two-handed Kriegsmesser and array of dark magic which you can use to conquer the battlefield. Leveling your Dark Knight class will receive special rewards, such as Ancient Gold Coin, High-Grade Crystal Chest, Good Black Stone Sack, and Shakatu’s Mystical Key, which can be used to strengthen equipment, upgrade the camp and grow the character's Black Spirit.

Also new is the Tower of Trial. This will give you a unique way to level-up and strengthen your characters. You’ll be able to send any characters above level 45 to the Tower of Trial while you’re playing another character, as laid out in the press release.

The Auto quest system has also been added, which allows you to automatically level-up secondary Characters by following previously completed quests (that were completed before with an Adventurer's main character).

And finally, Portuguese support is here.


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