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Black Desert Mobile Patch Rebalances Blade Master

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new balance patch has been issued for Black Desert Mobile bring several changes to the Blade Master, along with several bug fixes and more.

The developers provide context for this rebalance. They note average damage across all classes has increased. This means the Blade Master’s specialty, which is higher damage from fast combos, has decreased in value. Therefore, this rebalance is intended to counter that. They also added a new skill called Resonant Blade.

Here are some (but not all) of the changes to Blade Master:

  • [Resonant Blade]· 70% Crit Chance increase for your next skill within 10 seconds of using two skills among [Rising Storm], [Squall], and [Rest in Peace].· If inflicted by Reduce Attack or Move Speed debuffs, damage from other Adventurers will be reduced by 15% for 10 seconds when using skills.

- Rising Storm· Changed the [Rising Storm]'s 'Knock-up on successful hit' to 'Knockback on successful hit'.· Added [Flow: Blue Cloud].

  • [Flow: Blue Cloud]· Applies same damage as [Rising Storm].· Applies 50% PVP Damage.· Additional Attack when holding the skill button.· Super Armor while using skill (does not apply in Arena)· Knock-up on successful hit.
  • [Flow: Counterattack]· Applies same damage as [Retaliation].· Forward Guard while using the skill.· Super Armor during last hit.· Daze on first hit.· Knockdown on last hit.

Bug fixes include fixes to the system, characters, settings, PvP, knowledge, and pets. You can read the full patch notes here. In March, Black Desert Mobile received the Shai class. And in February, Archer and Fletcherwere introduced.


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