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Black Desert Mobile Opens Season 10 of Path of Glory and Adds New Fairy Options and Events

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Black Desert Mobile begins Season 10 of Path of Glory with its latest update. This latest chapter of the PvE content opens the final chapter of the Family dungeon, and will give opportunities for character progression, and special rewards.

Be prepared for new bosses and difficulty levels, with enraged bosses like Red Nose, Bheg, and Muskan. If you complete the Path of Glory 14 times, you can get all the special rewards from goals. 

This new chapter of Path of Glory expands through the use of Gemstones, which will be a system of enhancements for the players’ family. These Gemstones can be added to Emblems of Primal or higher grades, and can then be enhanced by using a reward from the Tus’Nest Dungeon. This step will let you strengthen the Gemstones even more for additional stats. 

The update also brings a way to strengthen the bond between your character and the Fairy that was added in a previous update. If you’ve been looking for some additional stats, the new Fairy outfits and brooches that you can get by taking on the Fairy Meets Fashion quest will also be something you can enhance. Doing that will let you get some additional PvP damage reduction.

Pearl Abyss has also begun a new slate of events, including three announced weeks of Play BDM events. The first round, which begins today and ends on November 8th, is Mission Relay, and will challenge players to complete relay missions to get some rewards that include an [Epic] Weapon Outfit Chest, appearance coupons, and more. 

The second week, Group Up, gives players opportunities to group with their Guild and complete guild quests to get special coins that you can exchange for items. The third week, Show Off Your Guild, Actually has to do with playing bingo with the special Bingo pass you can get from enemy drops. When you complete a bingo, you can get rewards.

 For details, head over to Black Desert Mobile.


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