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Black Desert Mobile Introduces the Archer, Playable February 16th

Arch It or Fletch It - Your Choice

Steven Weber Posted:
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The next class headed to Black Desert Mobile is none other than the Archer, whose alternative Awakening sub-class, the Fletcher, will also be available upon the release date of February 16th.

If you’re excited for the Archer in Black Desert Mobile you don’t have to wait to create your character, as pre-creation of the speedy ranged damage-dealer is available now, and those that pre-create an Archer of Fletcher will receive a gift box with items like an Enhanced Alchemy Stone Chest and a Mystical Max Stats Relic Selection chest.

Having trouble deciding whether you want to focus on the Archer or the Fletcher, here are the differences between the two:

  • Archer – The Archer is designed for maximum speed and agility, wielding a crossbow on his left arm and a divine gauntlet, Ra’ghon, on his right. He can rapid-fire magical arrows of light for condensed damage.
  • Fletcher – The Fletcher is for more ranged power - wielding a powerful greatbow that is devastating at greater range. His sniping ability delivers deadly accuracy from afar, earning him the title of “Watcher of the Battlefield.”

Black Desert Mobile recently launched their third season of Path of Glory, and Pearl Abyss has had an ongoing balancing act with another recent (and popular) class, the Nova.


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