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Black Desert Mobile - Hadum's Realm Now Available

Strong Adventurers Required

Steven Weber Posted:
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Black Desert Mobile has added Hadum’s Realm in their latest game update. The update will include new enemies, a new area, new quests, and plenty of new rewards for adventurers strong enough to take on the challenge.

Hadum’s realm will require that adventurer’s gear up in order to battle Hadum, the Goddess of Darkness herself. To that end, World Boss Season 3 is now live in Black Desert Mobile as well, which outfits world bosses with loot tables with new rewards. Drops can include special world boss weapons and gear, gear fragments, and Hero’s Legacy.

Adventurers will also have access to a new specialty shop, and a new Auto-Awakening Enhancement system to assist players in enhancing their gear as they work their way towards Hadum’s Realm. Finally, the 11th skill has become available for all classes, including the Hashashin that was recently added to the game, bringing more ways for adventurers to play their chosen class. Full patch notes are on the official site.


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