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Black Desert Mobile Hadum Boss Rush Brings On Greater Challenge

Are you worthy?

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Look out for new enemies in Black Desert Mobile’s Hadum boss rush.

It looks like boss rush became a lot more challenging in this latest update bringing Hadum difficulty. If players can defeat these empowered enemies, they’ll reap powerful rewards like primal gear. Folks itching for a butt-kicking should prepare to take on the level 99 Red Nose to unlock this new challenge. To prove their worth and enter the Hadum Boss Rush mode, players will need Boss Stamps and Shadow Knots.

The PVP-focused Black Sun event is also now available to all players without spending Blessings of Light from 6-7 PM server time on Wednesdays and Sundays. When the Black Sun rises, the gods Hadum and Elion merge. Players can fight anyone who is not in their Guild to increase their Black Sun Score. Accumulating points earned greater rewards. Now that the Black Sun has risen, it’ll rain rewards of coins and Chaos Crystals.

You can check out detailed release notes for the update here. Note that this will last until maintenance on February 1.


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