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Black Desert Mobile Gets Two New Ranged Heroes, Archer And Fletcher

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Black Desert Mobile is going ranged with two new heroes hitting the MMO today, the Arrow and Fletcher. The ranged heroes come with today's patch that also sees a host of bug fixes and more to the mobile MMO.

The two classes are ranged damage, though each one plays a little differently. The Archer is a more upclose, crossbow weilder, using its speed and agility to avoid danger and bring ruin upon its foes. Using a gauntlet called Ra'ghon, Archer uses light energy to help to take out their enemies, attackings from any angle.

The Fletcher, meanwhile, prefers to take out its prey from a distance using its longbow to devastating effect. Using Divine Piercer, a spear-like arrow being used with the Greatbow, the Fletcher can pierce foes from a distance with pin-point precision.

The latest update also brings Primal Accessories to Black Desert Mobile, which can be crafted from the Craft menu or at your camp using the Blacksmith. These can be upgraded up to level 10. Additionally, some market convenience features have been added to the MMO, with an instant purchase button making it a bit easier to buy needed items.

Class changes also were added in with the new patch, such as the Lotus class receiving a rebalance to focus on fast entry and exits from battles, and more. Pearl Abyss is hoping with the changes it'll make the underused class a bit more appealing.

You can check out the full changes in the Black Desert Mobile blog. 


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