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Black Desert Mobile Gets the Drakania Class, Events, And a New Spot for Easier Monster Knowledge

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Black Desert Mobile has added the Drakania class to the roster of playable options. The Drakania is the last hope of the dragons, and she wields her sword and shield forged from dragon scales. The update also brings Field of Valor, a new Expedition that helps you earn CP, adjustments to timed challenges, some improvements, and starts several events to support the Drakania and everyone else.

The Drakania is descended from the dragons, and she’s here to use her sword and shield and unleash the massive power of the dragons via a series of energy attacks. She’s fast, tough, and can use energy to enhance her abilities, giving her everything from a charged leaping slash to energy shockwaves.

The team has also begun a few events to mark her arrival, with the Drakania login event running from today through August 1st. Log in daily for 14 days and you’ll get an Adventurer’s Alchemy Store Growth Support Chest and get Chaos Crystals during bonus days. Also beginning is the run of a series of Drakania daily missions. These refresh every day and will give you some rewards to get your Drakania off and running. You may need it since there's also a level up event, which will get your Drakania different rewards as you level up and hit certain marks. This will run through July 25th. 

Also in the update is a new Expedition that is designed to help players acquire Knowledge updates without spending tons of time struggling to get the spawns. The new Hadum’s Realm is a place where you’ll be able to roam around and actively farm and acquire new monster Knowledge. This, in turn, will help you raise up your total Knowledge for progression. this addition is another option that helps players to keep up better. 

For full details on the update, the Drakania, her moves and all the event details, read the notes over at Black Desert Mobile.


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