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Black Desert Mobile Adds the Lightning-Fueled Legatus Class in Latest Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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The Legatus class, known as “The Last Hero who Controls Lightning” has arrived in Black Desert Mobile. The update also fixes some bugs, tweaks classes, and adds Legatus-related events.

Legatus, naturally, uses lightning against his enemies, and he’s also the master of the ancient weapon known as Arkanon. He’s a mid to long-ranged class that can provide some strong counterattacks and intimidate and halt enemies. His first few abilities will include Spear Bolt, which powers his weapon with great damage via thunder and lightning. Another ability is called divine punishment, and this will allow him to summon a giant spear, also empowered by lightning. Some of his other abilities will let you summon Arkanon on to chase the enemy and cause damage. Thunderclap which lets you attack your enemies while you are enveloped in lightning, and several abilities that allow you to summon a giant spear that you can power through lightning. If you like flashy power, well, you could probably do well with Legatus.

Also in the patch is a Dream Horse called Doom. This horse is a Legendary Horse and is black and always engulfed in flames. The flame never disappears and Doom is an imposing figure. If you acquire it it will increase your horse inventory weight, so you can have better mobility than a tier 8 horse. If you want a chance at Doom or any other Dream Horse, you have to complete the “Legendary Dream Horse” story first. Once you do that, you’ll have a chance to get one.

This week's update also begins several events tied to the arrival of Legatus. A login event begins today and runs through April 11. Traces of Lightning daily missions will run through March 28th. Additional events will also be running in March to help you get started with your new class or simply progress on other ones.

For more on Legatus, including a rundown of his abilities, see the patch notes on Black Desert Mobile.


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