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Black Desert Mobile Adds the Fire-Powered Melee Solaris Class in Today's Update

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Black Desert Mobile will be getting a new class today, the Solaris, to join the other 22 classes in the game. With her arrival, the number of character creation slots increases by one.

The melee Solaris is known as "the Slayer of Holy Flame" and flame is the key to her force. Some of her skills include Ynix’s Flame, which is a passive that lets her burn enemies that get too close to her. It also decreases damage taken from other players and increases damage against monsters. Her ability Cleansing Flame lets her rotate her body and hurl her Jordun against enemies. She also has a powerful ability in Dragons Maw which amplifies flames in the Jordun that will severely damage enemies in front of her. She can also summon a lava explosion and cause heavy damage.

In order to mark the arrival of the new class, there are in game events and bonuses. If you choose to create a Solaris, you'll be able to get a  variety of bonus rewards for leveling up to level 70. Some of these items include an Epic Outfit Chest, Solaris Skill Book Chest, 1000 Black Pearls, and more.

Other changes in the new patch include a second Chaos Rift in the Pila Ku execution room and Chaos Rift 2 will have better drop rates for loot. A weekly task related to the Chaos Rift called “To Chaos Rift” has also been added. There is also a Battlefield of the Sun: Sandstorm Assault map which is a linear Battlefield with some hills and new ways to strategize for battle. The Sandstorm Assault and Crimson Wind varieties will alternate every two weeks.

The Solaris joins Black Desert Mobile and you'll be able to find out more on the class and the welcome events and all the bonuses in the full patch notes here. 


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