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Black Desert Mobile Adds Shai Class To The Mobile MMO Roster

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Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The Shai class is now on Black Desert Mobile, bringing some support to the roster of Pearl Abyss' mobile MMO.

The Shai class brings buffs and healing spells to the mobile MMORPG to support allies while questing. The Shai weilds its boomerang weapon, the Florang, as well as an sub-weapon, Vitclari. When the Shai is first created, she'll have four skills unlocked, while leveling beyond level 10 will see the rest of her skills available trough various missions.

Players who create a Shai and level them to 70 will gain a package with weapon and armor enahncements, a chest giving you the Abnyssal Accessory of your choice, as well as 1000 Black Pearls. Alongside the Shai today, Black Desert Mobile also saw the Tower of Trials: Hadum brought to the game, as well as some overall class rebalancing brough to the mobile MMO. You can check out the full patch notes here.

Recently, the PC version of the MMO received a new class, the Sage. You can check out our thoughts on the class here.


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