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Black Desert Mobile Adds New Zone and Story Content, Plus New Bosses

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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Black Desert Mobile’s new update brings new events, adds new zones, a story update, a new field boss and more. 

The rollout of the Twin Class is a first in the Black Desert franchise, with each of the twins having some time on different platforms before completing their arrival on all available platforms.  Woosa will arrive later in Black Desert Mobile, with more info to come on her arrival from Pearl Abyss soon, but she will be coming as the original announcement indicated.

If you're looking for stuff to do, you can check out the new Drieghan zones, which have been added along with some new story updates. The zones include mountains and the Fountain of Origin, where you’ll be able to adventure and take on the new “Drieghan: Rise of the Sherekhan” story. You can complete this new story and earn yourself a range of Knowledge for characters, topography, adventures, and academics. Killing monsters in Drieghan lands can get you Knowledge for Ecology.

There's a new boss in Boss Rush, Fugitive Khalk, and Boss Knowledge here will increase DP. Can your boss is, there's a new Great Desert Field Boss, Apocros. It supposedly flew above the desert but crashed into it later and remains there even now. If you adventure around the desert and discover the new boss, which can appear at any time, you may walk away with special loot.

Now that Woosa will be on her way soon, there’s a new event to free a giant rabbit possessed by a black spirit and made to attack the town of Velia. Are different requirements to get this done, but there's a lot of community participation needed, including Discord and forum posts, and more per region in order to get 10 million entries from around the world.

For full details on the update, including all new events, zones, and more on mobile, head to  Black Desert Mobile.


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