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Black Desert Mobile Adds Co-op Rush, and Previews New Striker Class Coming in May, Yacha

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Black Desert Mobile is getting a new class later this month, the latest Path of Glory event, and a new boss to defeat, the world boss Offin.

Offin comes from the region of Kamasylvia, which made its way into the mobile game recently. This boss encounter occurs with the new content, Co-op Rush, and is  for up to 10 players to take on this huge monster. Offin uses its four legs to land some crushing and devastating blows. Each leg is also capable of using a different skill, making it important to shore up your defenses to be able to withstand a varied barrage. One leg heals all of the others, another will damage all players if it hits the ground, a third releases a damage over time poison mist, and the fourth sends meteorites raining down in a ring formation.

When you to destroy a leg, however, the monster will not be able to use that skill again. You'd probably want to concentrate on the healing leg first.

Season 8 of the Path of Glory event is now open, with a series of missions that will run from now until July 11th. There’s a new map for season 8 and a refreshed rewards table. 

Also coming to Black Desert Mobile is the new class, Yacha, which arrives on May 17th. This striker class uses a main weapon and an auxiliary weapon to land his attacks and take advantage of fiery attacks when he needs a burst of damage. There is currently an ongoing event to help players earn some sweet upgrades for Yacha when he’s released. From now through the release day of May 17th, there are several goals you can work on to get gear, including some equipment and even potentially black pearls.

For more on the new Co-op Rush Offin encounter, or Yacha, head to Black Desert Mobile.


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