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Black Desert Maintenance Brings Thundercloud Kutum

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A recent round of maintenance for Black Desert Online has brought about the Thundercloud Kutum, in addition to several improvements and tweaks.

The new patch weighs in at 555.56 MB and includes 76 updates and improvements. One of those updates is Thundercloud Kutum. Basically, this is a new enemy of sorts which will electrocute anyone who enters its stone halls. Additionally, it can awaken Ancient Weapons to help it should it feel threatened. These will deal unblockable energy storms which will inflict critical damange.

When the Thundercloud Kutum does appear, it will activate inside the aforementioned stone chamber. This chamber contains several rooms which each have a different function. These functionalities include rooms which cleanse Kutum’s clouds, a room that weakens Kutum, and more.

Other improvements brought about by this maintenance include the following character improvements:

  • Emergency Escape will now close the Processing window when used.
  • Emergency Escape - Fixed the issue where certain actions could extend the duration of the skill.
  • Emergency Escape - Fixed an issue with the skill where the final standby animation was not visible and skills could be used immediately afterward.

The update also brought some bug fixes as well including:

  • Fixed the issue with the Gamepad UI where the Change Family Name window's image would change depending on the size of the window.
  • Fixed the issue where your character would repeat the falling animation in certain areas of Gyfin Rhasia Temple.
  • Fixed the issue where monsters would get stuck at a certain boulder in the Northern Plain of Serendia.
  • Fixed the issue where joining a new guild after leaving an old one caused Voice Chat or Chat Groups to be unavailable.
  • Fixed the issue where your character couldn't move in certain areas of the Cron Islands.

You can read the full maintenance notes here. In related Black Desert news, a boat-building event is currently live through May 25. Additionally, Sage recently received several improvements and fixes.


Poorna Shankar