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Black Desert Launches Prestige Edition On Console

Physical edition packs $140 'worth' of in-game items

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Black Desert: Prestige Edition has been announced by the studio, launching the MMOs physical edition for console players. This edition will pack in over $140 worth of in-game items for console players to use on their adventures in Black Desert.

The Prestige Edition is a chance for console players to get a physical edition of the MMORPG for their collection, but also a way to score some in-game loot. Per a press release from Pearl Abyss:

Starting November 6, Adventurers can purchase the Prestige Edition from online and offline stores in Asia, North America, and Europe. Those who purchase the retail package will get various special items such as the Prestige Edition Pet Black Leopard, Glorious Shudad Premium Set, and 2000 Pearls. 

Black Desert: Prestige Edition will sell for $29.99, and will support next-gen features as previously reported, such as 4K resolution, up to 120fps, and something Pearl Abyss is calling "advanced combat," but hasn't given more information as to what that means. 

Also coming to console is the Guardian class. The team announced that a special log-in even will be help to celebrate the Guardian hitting consoles on December 2nd. 


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