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Black Desert Land of the Morning Light Expansion Launching June 14th

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 Black Desert Online's big Land of the Morning Light expansion will launch worldwide on June 14th. Pearl Abyss shared the news in a special developer stream, along with details on what to expect from the Korean myth and legends-inspired expansion, from huge bosses, new modes, and the Woosa and Maegu Awakening launch timelines.

This is going to be a huge expansion, and the team announced that there are new zones to explore, with new architecture and vegetation, and storyline that will be found in a non-linear quest line that features 80 cutscenes,  40 vignettes and over 6,000 voice lines.  This is just the beginning. Given that the expansion is rooted in inspiration from Korean myth and legends, there’s also something to ground it in. 

As Black Desert Online Executive Producer Jaehee Kim said, in a release, “I want adventurers to experience the Korean medieval era, its architecture, clothing, mythology, and joys and sorrows of life”. The team wanted to go big and make sure that the new regions and content were unlike what Black Desert players have already seen. “We felt that new adventures in a new region should not be the same as existing regions. You will now be able to enjoy each story with a sense of immersion, similar to reading a fairy tale or novel,” says Kim.

With the desire to incorporate a little bit of history, Land of the Morning Light also takes some inspiration from the last dynastic kingdom of Korea, Joseon. Part of the expansion will include unique housing based on the architecture of the age, and there's also a new ship on the way.

Land Of The Morning Light features some huge bosses inspired by Korean folklore. Each features a particular attribute that affects their AP and DP. These are Sun, Moon, and Earth. As you progress through the land you'll get a new feature,”Light Orbs”. These orbs will let you enhance Sun, Moon, and Earth attributes to deal more damage to bosses and reduce incoming damage. There is a brand new boss also coming on June 14th, Immogi. 

Also on the way is Black Desert Boss Blitz, a brand new mode that lets you choose to challenge a boss at a custom difficulty level from 1-10.  If you're feeling confident, try competing with others and see if you can rank for glory.

Maegu and Woosa will begin their Awakening journeys this summer. First up is Woosa, who will begin on May 31st, with Maegu’s Awakening evolution becoming available in June.

There is a developer commentary video worth watching for all the big details from the upcoming content.  Land Of The Morning Light is also now available for pre-order, at a special discounted price.

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