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Black Desert Guardian Class Launching January 22

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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Black Desert’s Guardian class is set to launch on January 22 with pre-registration starting December 24.

The Guardian is a female combatant who wields a batteaxe and shield. Heavy melee attacks are her primary attacks. The Guardian’s skills include:

  • Boulder Crush: The Guardian smashes down her battleaxe three times with powerful, rock splitting force dealing massive damage.
  • Mountain Slam: The Guardian smashes the ground, causing tremors that deal damage to foes around her.
  • Black Blood Circle: The Guardian draws the forces of the earth into her axe to create a circle around her, enemies can enter this circle at their own peril…
  • Mutilation: The Guardian charges energy and sweep the foes in front of her of their feet with her battleaxe.
  • Black Blood Slaughter: The Guardian releases the charged energy from [Mutilation] with a powerful blast that deals a high amount of damage.

Additionally, Musa and Maehwa are receiving Succession skills following the Warrior, Ranger, Tamer, and Valkyrie.


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