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Black Desert Details Kunoichi Ahead Of Console Launch, Mobile Gets Field of Valor Update

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Black Desert is busy, whether it's launching new classes for its console versions or updating its hugely popular mobile game. The team behind the MMORPG posted a GM note on the Black Desert website detailing the Kunoichi, which is coming to Xbox One February 5th, while PlayStation fans will be waiting a day for February 6th. 

In the post on the Black Desert website, the team details the backstory of the Kunoichi and their Sah Chakram, giving some insight into the class' Awakening skills. Kunoichi can use the Sah Chakram in devastating attacks such as the Lethal Spin Spree, which deals AOE damage to those around her, as well as Half Moon Slash which sees the Kunoichi recover WP during her attacks. 

In addition to the Kunoichi hitting consoles this week, fans of Black Desert Mobile are getting the Field of Valor for a limited time. This update is a battlefield where adventurers can take part in 30 minute long battles against a bevy of monsters. By spending tokens to gain access to the Field of Valor, rewards can be earned through defeating enemies - and your party shares in these rewards together. 

The Field of Valor will only be open for a week, so adventurers eager to earn some rewards such as armor, Dark Energy, gold coins and silver should look into signing up today in game.


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