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Black Desert Console Roadmap for the Rest of 2021 is Packed!

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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There's a brand new update from Black Desert's Je-seok Jang, the Head of Black Desert Game Design laying out an extensive roadmap for what to expect for the console version of the game during the rest of 2021. 

First up this month, the current summer season will end on September 29th. On that same day, Manos Gear becomes available in Black Desert Console. This gear, including Manos ring, necklace, belt, and earring will enhance Life Skills and greatly boost all Life Skill Masteries.

When it comes to the data the team gathered through the use of console seasons, the team feared that new console players might struggle keeping up and veteran players might feel left out. Ultimately, the console players scored higher than expected though there were some difficulties enhancing Tuvala gear. There will be a new Season+ server opening on October 13th, with lower gear enhancement difficulty and a way for newer players to start taking on tasks that let them join the regular servers faster. An item, a Growth Pass, will be available after two weeks.The Tuvala gear system will also be revamped, with a system that lets you turn PEN (V) Tuvala gear into TET (IV) Boss gear via a one-time exchange per family.

Vell, the heart of the ocean, is also coming to the console version as a huge monstrous boss. Vell's Realm will open up in the center of the Great Ocean and careful work and skilled battle through ships and cannons will let the dedicated and prepared defeat this new huge threat. Vell's Heart, a special Alchemy Store, could be your prize.Since Vell is so huge, the team couldn't bring this creature to console before, and they are still working out the remaining challenges to bring Vell on board. This delay also meant that console players were left out of battling world bosses. Those who want to take on Vell will get the oportunity in October, at first through guild raids. This is a limitation that hasn't been worked out otherwise, but they promise to get wider access to these beasts to everyone as soon as possible to optimize performance doing so.

October also brings Caphras Level 10, Node War and Conquest Update for Mediah/ Valencia, and Sycrakea. November features guild raid Khan, enhanced world bosses, and more. December looks towards O'dyllita, La Orzeca, the ancient treasure and more. The entire roadmap is worth checking out to look ahead to just what is planned for Black Desert Console


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