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Black Desert Console Reworks Agris Fever, and Preps Rewarding Season Graduation

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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 The latest update for Black Desert Console changes the Agris Fever feature, opens the Autumn Graduation Season, and continues with mprovements and fixes.

The Agris Fever feature is getting some changes. While it was originally intended to be a quality of life feature to help those with limited time to play maximize the return on what playtime they had, these changes should help a wider group. Pearl Abyss has changed the system to apply to Gathering. The original only applied to common loot, so to keep things similarly fair, you can only use Agris Fever points to gather basic resources, like single-processed ore, and not any of the special or rare resources you come across. 

That said, the process is intended to help those who are looking to boost their Life skilling and could benefit from the additional boost. You can use your points to apply to particular tools at various rates per attempt, in order to toggle the effect on. Say, you’ll toggle it on a pickaxe for 42 points and get the chance at a higher yield and even resource quality.

Autumn Season graduation is also here, making it so that everyone with a Season character can convert them into a normal character on the servers as long as they have completed the 2022 Autumn Season Pass. Pick up and complete the quest and your character will qualify to be converted into a normal character, and you’ll get some rewards to get you on your way.

Other changes in the update include class balance tweaks and fixes, and an improvement in gathering truffle mushrooms. Not only will these begin spawning in more locations, but the time between respawns will be shorter. 

Head to Black Desert Console for more on the graduation process, events, and full details on items and qualification for the Agris Fever rework.


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