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Black Desert Console Receives New Expansion, Transfer Deadline Looms

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Black Desert received a new expansion on Xbox and PlayStation adding the Great Expedition conten and Sycraia Underwater Ruins to the Korean MMO. Read on for more.

The ruins are described as a high-level grinding location, while the update brings new quests, ships, a bartering system, in addition to several events and improvements. An example of a new ship is the Epheria Caravel. Described as a trading ship, it includes 30 inventory slots and a 10,000 LT capacity.

The bartering system will enable you to partake in ship to ship trading. There’s a new currency, called Crow Coin, which will be used for this bartering system. The Sycraia Underwater Ruins, meanwhile, are catered towards high level players. They include a new boss which is an aquatic monster of sorts guarding treasure.

You can check out the trailer below:

Additionally, you may recall Pearl Abyss took over publishing of Black Desert in the west. The deadline to transfer your account is coming up on May 31 – just a few days from now. If you haven’t done so, you really should get on that. After May 31, any non-transferred accounts will be permanently deleted. Transferring now grants you a Tier 4 Young Pomi pet, a Now or Nouver in-game title, a Weapon Exchange Coupon x 3 and 1000 cron stones.

To transfer your account, follow these steps:


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