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Black Desert Console Overhauls Guild Bosses into a New Weekly Group Event and Makes Other Improvements

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Some new updates to Black Desert Console tweak guild boss content, improve quests, and fix a number of issues.

When it comes to the guild boss changes, this is a major update, kicking off a new event, "Getting ready for Guild Boss changes!". The Guild Boss subjugation content is changing to something new. All of this content will now become a weekly group event. 

As the patch announcement details,“This change came about when we were thinking about creating a “merry gathering” where Adventurers can come together about once a week to have fun”. The new event is part of the fun, leading to encounters with Khan, Giant Mudster, Ferrid, and Ancient Puturum. These new versions of the guild boss fights have been rebalanced for a difficulty adjustment yo make things more of an end of the week fun time feature. The loot has also been adjusted. 

Some of the changes include doubling or tripling the HP of some of the bosses so that they can be sufficient group challenges, made some loot guaranteed,  add additional changes to have only a set amount of damage apply to the guild boss, the guild bosses' damage output increased, and more.

Those changes are the first step with this patch, but with this event, they will continue to work on these group guild boss fights and other opportunities. There will also be a event guild missions on the way. 

The update  also opens up new content with Shakatu joining the list of bosses you can fight in a game of Yar, changes to Bonus Hunting quests to let them be completed via the Black Spirit instead of some NPCs.

Overall, the update’s focus is on improvements and changes to those bosses in order to increase the modes offered in the game.

For more details, read the full patch notes over at Black Desert Console.


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