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Black Desert Console Maintenance Brings Tier 1 Node War Changes

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Recent maintenance on Black Desert console brought several Tier 1 Node War changes in addition to several other changes. However, not everything was rosy.

The changes for Tier 1 Node War are pretty extensive. For example, a Tier 1 Node War Maximum AP/DP system was introduced to “help ease players” into Node Wars:

  • Tier 1 Nodes can be a ‘Goal to Achieve’ for new guilds. The new max AP and DP restrictions have been added to make Node Wars more accessible for new/inexperienced guilds. We hope this allows more adventurers to enjoy the Node War systems.
  • Tier 1 Node Wars are separated into Easy, Medium and Hard levels, each with their own unique AP/DP restrictions.
  • The limits to AP and DP apply to all PvP actions of the character, including basic attacks, pre-awakening/awakening/succession skills and summoned creatures.
  • Horse’s attack skills and character skills that are used on Horses will also be subject to the AP limits when hitting other characters. Damage to Cannons, Barricades, Wooden Fences etc. will remain the same.
  • AP limits do not apply to mounts such as Elephants and base weaponry (Hwacha, cannons etc).

Several other changes were also introduced during that maintenance, such as the introduction of the Celestial Horse Calling Horn. You can check out the full post update notes here. However, that maintenance for Black Desert Console wasn’t completely smooth. The team is aware of some issues pertaining to Challenge Rewards, Attendance Rewards, and the ‘[Event] Listen to Lara's Request’ quest.

Elsewhere, the Thundercloud Kutum was introduced recently on PC. And if you happen to play on console, you might want to check out the boat-building event which is currently ongoing through May 25. You can learn details about that event here.


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