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Black Desert Console Is Hosting A Boat-Building Event, Live Through May 25th

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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One normally doesn't think sailing a large masted ship when you first start picturing Black Desert in your mind's eye, yet the current event going on with the console version of the MMORPG is changing that.

Black Desert's PS4 and Xbox One versions are being treated to an event which could set some adventurer's on the path of sailing the high seas, as it rewards players with boat-building materials for their efforts. The event, which starts today and runs through May 25th sees players helping out an NPC and his lazy workers to help transport some cargo - however you'll need a boat to do so.

As such, the first event, called Setting Sail, rewards adventurers with the materials needed to set sail themselves, starting on their journey of more fully exploring to Black Desert world. This event is available to be done once per day per family.

"Philaberto Falasi in Port Epheria requires your help and will reward you with boat-making materials. He sent his workers to deliver some cargo to Sebastian in Port Epheria, but it seems that his workers are quite lazy. Philaberto needs your help to get the cargo to its destination!"

The second event sees players helping Serbianca of Trent turn the settlement into a production center by gathering vouchers for the NPC. Players who find Serbianca's Vouchers scattered throughout the world can turn them into the daily quest giver and be rewarded with Logs, a valuable resource in BDO

You can check out the full event details on the Black Desert Console website. Recently as well, Pearl Abyss brought a wealth of improvements to Black Desert's latest class, the Sage, as well as released a companion app for both the North American and European regions.


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