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Black Desert Console Has Character Reset Update Delayed Until Further Notice

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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The planned update for Black Desert Console, which would bring about the extensive character class reboots, has been postponed until further notice. According to Pearl Abyss, it was for the certification processes by platform partners getting delayed. 

The update, which when it is implemented, will work similar to the recent update to the PC version of Black Desert Online and reboot all of the game’s 17 classes. These classes will have their skills updated, sometimes changed, bonuses altered, and some skills even scrapped or replaced with something new. With the broad nature of the changes, all characters will have their skills reset when the update does go live, and the game will feature help to get everything levels again and ways to train up in classes that will be different to varying degrees.

With the reboot was supposed to also come the end of the Conquest War season, so everything will see a bit of a change as the platforms and Pearl Abyss work out the approval.

In regards to Conquest War, there’s a correction also being issued over a Conquest War that took place on Serendia on January 1st. This was not supposed to work this way, and Pearl Abyss has issued a warning and made it so that Conquest War will not happen in Balenos and Serendia. Any fortresses already placed will be removed before the start of the next Conquest War. For the event that took place on January 1st, anyone that participated will see the rewards obtained be removed when the delayed scheduled maintenance eventually does take place.

So with these updates and delays, the class reboots and adjustment period are still on the way, though be prepared to shift plans just a bit until further notice. Pearl Abyss will post a new time when they have it. You can see the updated delay post here


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