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Black Desert Console Getting the Drakania Class This Month, Pre-Registration Begins Tomorrow

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The Destroyer of Ynix, Drakania, arrives in Black Desert Console soon, and with the latest update, you’ll be able to pre-create her before the official release later this month. 

The update will be up tomorrow and full notes will be released then, but the new class, which recently also made its debut on the PC version of Black Desert Online, will be open for pre-creation. The Drakania class is a warrior fueled by “a draconic rage”, which she will use to fight with energy. She uses a Slayer, which she has forged from “the desire of slain dragons” and Shard, a shield that uses their scales. Due to her dragon origins, she also has a dragon heart that will let her recover faster from injuries and fuel her attacks. The Drakania means business, and all her official descriptions highlight the rage that she uses to fuel her attacks and meet her goals.

Her skills include Markthanan's Flourish, which sees her gather ions in the Slayer and attack. With enough ions, attacking with this will send enemies flying up and strike them down. She also uses ions that she gathers for other moves, such as Brimbolt Raze. Using this, she’ll spin with her Slayer to draw enemies in close to her, then sweep them away. She also uses ions for her own movement, to propel her across the battlefield or even away from danger.

While the Drakania won’t make it fully into Black Desert Console until May 25th, you’ll be able to pre-create one starting after tomorrow’s update. As with the introduction of other classes, expect some events that will let you build up your Drakania in anticipation of her formally joining the roster soon.

For more on the Drakania class, an ability  rundown, and lore, head over to Black Desert Console.


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