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Black Desert Console Gets New Region, O'dyllita, in Latest Update

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Black Desert Console got a new update today, adding the new region of O’dyllita along with new quests and items, a new hunting ground, class and UI changes.

The new region, O’dyllita, is yours to adventure in with a new level 60 quest, “Flower of the Burning Moon”. Once you’ve opened up the new region for yourself, going through the main quests will net you a special accessory: Tears of the Wind necklace. 

What awaits you in the new land are darkness and secrets, as Pearl Abyss describes like this:

“Those banished from the green pastures of Kamasylvia find themselves in O’dyllita. Discover more about the story of the Ahibs, the secrets buried within the region, and Caphras the immortal alchemist in the new region, O’dyllita!”

Your chance to begin to reveal some of those secrets presumably comes with the new questline, as well as the new hunting ground, Ash Forest. Ash Forest is a new monster zone with powerful creatures. Recommended levels are 300AP and 400DP, as these are aimed at ambitious players that are looking to conquer some of the game’s most difficult monsters. Strategic planning is needed because they hate the living and  “are not easily distracted by summons and other magic”. The monsters in the forest will prioritize attacking a character and ignore summoned creatures and will only attack summoned creatures first if a character has the maximum number of monsters attacking them. So you're going to have to figure out how to manage the aggro and beat back these very powerful beasts.

Class changes affect the Ranger, the Sorceress, the Maehwa, and the Mystic. These changes include fixes to descriptions and slight tweaks to make several abilities work as intended. Also included in the update are improvements to character animations and ships to look more natural when you board boats,  and UI changes like a ping feature and colorblind adaptation. 

For the full update, head over to Black Desert Console. For the O’dyllita-specific details, there is more over here.


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