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Black Desert Console Gets Class Reboots and Full Resets After This Week's Maintenance

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Black Desert Console will be following the PC version in getting a full slate of class reboots. The maintenance will happen on January 5th, and also means that characters will have all of their skills reset.

When it comes to the class reboots, the changes are extensive, covering all aspects of the skill system, adding new skills, scrapping old ones, and adjusting buffs and benefits. This reset will accept all learned skills, including Main skills, Succession, Awakening Skills, and Skill Enhancements. Succession and Awakened states will be reset too. And all skill add-ons and presets will be wiped.

When it comes to the class reboots, Pearl Abyss is making sure that there are opportunities to get your skill points reallocated and to help with progress when the update is finished. All will be able to log in and get a coupon for a Secret Book of Old Moon (3 Days). Use this and you’ll get several important benefits for the three-day duration. This includes a 100% boost to combat XP, +50% to life and skill EXP, and free skill reset and changes throughout the period. You’ll also be able to change your skill presets in safe zones and get extra wharf and stable slots for the duration. This coupon will let you get back into action if you use it before it expires on January 19th. 

The January 5th update will also end the current Conquest War, resetting all nodes and territories (including HQs,annexes, forts, and command posts) held by guilds. The current system in place for rewards will stay and a pre-season will begin.

Given how extensive the class changes are, it’s going to take some time for everyone to get up to speed and learn how to use the new options and bonuses most effectively.

For more on the coming updates to Black Desert Console, see the site here.


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