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Black Desert Console Cherry Blossom Festival Live Through May 5

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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If you’re playing Black Desert Online on Xbox or Playstation consoles, the Cherry Blossom Festival is currently underway for your platforms. If you’re looking to participate, here are some details.

The event period for this event will see the festival run until the following dates, dependent on region.

  • NA: May 5th 04:59 PM (PDT)
  • EU: May 6th 12:59 AM (UTC+1)
  • ASIA: May 6th 08:59 AM (GMT+9)

Additionally, the Rise of Cherry Blossoms event is also underway, though this one ends a bit sooner:

  • NA: April 27th Before Maintenance
  • EU: April 28th Before Maintenance
  • ASIA: April 28th Before Maintenance

To participate, go to the Pearl Shop then Silver Event Items. From here buy “[Event] Cherry Blossom Seed” which will cost 100,000 Silver. You can only do this once per day per Family during the event period. Next, plant the cherry blossom seed in a fence. You’ll be able to harvest the Blooming Scent of Spring.

The third event is the Scent of Cherry Blossoms set to end on these dates:

  • NA: May 5th 04:59 PM (PDT)
  • EU: May 6th 12:59 AM (UTC+1)
  • ASIA: May 6th 08:59 AM (GMT+9)

You can check out the full details and rewards for these events here. In related Black Desert news, the game is actually free for Amazon Prime Member through May 5. If you’re a Prime member and are interested in checking out the game, you might want to hop in.

In the console space, the Sage class arrived on those platforms recently. You can learn more about the class and its console debut here. Speaking of, the Sage might be Bradford’s favorite class. You can check out his impressions here.


Poorna Shankar