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Black Desert Console Celebrates 2 Years On Xbox, One Year Of Cross Play With New Star's End Area

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Black Desert is celebrating a lot of anniversaries this week, with the console version getting in on the action. This week marks two years since the MMOs launch on Xbox One, as well as a year since the Cross Play update was released on Xbox and PlayStation 4. 

To celebrate the milestones, Pearl Abyss is launching a new area in the console version, called Star's End. The new region is located west of Calpheon City and is recommended for adventurer's with an AP of 260. Pearl Abyss cautions players that the region, which is "shrouded by a mysterious fog," is full of dangerous monsters to overcome, such as the Remnants of Corruption which inflict damage reducing defense points, or DP. 

Pearl Abyss is also adding Blackstar, a new weapon which is a "higher grade than other existing weapons." This weapon is only obtainable through the new questline given by Legendary Blacksmith Dorin Mogrim, and Pearl Abyss state that it has been designed to "maintain existing weapon's value as much as possible." The Blackstar weapon also cannot be dyed.

Console players can join in the celebrations for the two anniversaries through login bonuses and events, and more. The MMORPG is available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and cross-play considerably adds to the experience by bringing players together regardless of platform.  Black Desert's Game Design Director Jaeseok Jang, as well as lead executive of Black Desert Kwonho Kim detail what's to come for the console MMO over the next year, inlcluding being a bit quicker to apply PC updates to the console versions and more.

For PC fans, the 5 year celebration is currently going on, and Black Desert Online recently teased the upcoming Sage class, hitting the MMO later this month.


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