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Black Desert Console Adds Helpful New Accessories, Rounds Out Woosa's Kit, and More

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One of the things that Pearl Abyss has been doing across the Black Desert franchise has been making certain changes to better support newer players, as well as making certain elements clear for everyone over time. The latest Black Desert Console patch has a few of these changes, in addition to class updates, new content, and quality of life changes.

Cloud accessories are one of the changes that should help some players get started, or aid some returning players in growth. What they are is accessories that can be equipped by normal and Winter Season characters, with easier to obtain TRI (III). They have the  same stats as Capotia accessories. These accessories were specifically designed to help  you make progress so one of the other changes the team added was that they can be exchanged as often as possible without any cost or limits. When the season ends, these accessories will be exchanged for Capotia accessories. 

O'dyllita Monster Zone and Tunkuta also get some tweaks, with these monster zones’ creatures Getting slightly longer pursuit distances, instant pursuit when attacked at range, and a guaranteed Embers of Despair drop when defeating Tutunka. Because these co-op monster zones need more specific understanding of pursuit times and distance, these are also intended to be helpful changes.

A series of class changes have also been introduced in this patch, and the newest class, Woosa, got some additional skills and changes to round out her kit. Woosa gets six skill enhancements and two Prime skills, focused on effects and utility over damage. Some of these skills do things like set alarm range stun and knockdown damage, and some are more defensive-oriented or other buffs. With this being the most recent addition, she’s still finding balance in these updates, but a more rounded out kit follows here on console too.

Some other helpful additions include the low HP alert toggle that will let you know when your HP is lower than 40%, and new Life Tool durability alert that let you know when durability is lower than 10% or at 0. 

You can read all of the details over at Black Desert Console. 


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